Wednesday, July 27, 2011

End of Week One

Well today marks the end of week one and I weighed in at 160.8 pounds this morning.  Total loss for week one was 6.6 pounds, that my friends is not too shabby.  The food is very boring I think I am going to look into some recipe ideas and every single food commercial I see on TV makes me think Gee, I am going to have some of that on my cheat day.  I may be up to 8000 calories by the time I get to cheat day but it is nice to see that the two pounds that I gained last cheat day were gone within a couple days and I didn't have five or more days on the diet before my cheat day like I was supposed to so I am super excited to see how next week goes.  I am pretty impressed with myself for how well I have been able to stick with this considering the amount of work I have been doing to get ready for the move.  Yea, I have had a couple of cupcakes and a few beer, but for the majority of the time I have been very good.

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