Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Thursday, which is my Friday

The scale said 161.0 this morning which is up 0.4 from yesterday, not too big of a deal considering I am menstral. YEAH!!! Which would explain why I have been so pissed off at my boyfriend lately.  But really we are trying to get out of our place to move into the new one by Aug 1. Our landlord said he is ok if we are there a bit of extra time as long as the basement is empty when he get's there on the 31st.  So where do you logically start?  Well my head says the basement but his head says I am going to spend two days mowing the lawn, two days hauling wood to my Buddy's house and then since I start holidays on Friday I am going to spend the day cutting wood at my Buddy's place so he will come and help me move four things later that day.  I am pretty sure the whole purpose of the hauling wood thing was to drink beer and I don't understand why he gave all the damn wood to his buddy anyway, what about when we want to light our fire pit at the pasture? Well no worries, cause I got the whole damn basement done by myself. ARGH!! Whatever, I still have four days to get the entire main floor done and cleaned, I think I will make it on time.

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