Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things that make you go hmm....

Up at 7:15 this morning and on the scale, weighed in at 165.4 pounds, WTF? With the three beer, 5 tortilla chips, a teeny tiny brownie and a teeny tiny nanaimo bar I managed to lose 2 pounds in one day? Wow!!! I took my ALA right after weighing myself and got ready for work. 30 minutes after taking the first supplements I had my protein shake (GNC Whey ISO Burst with water) and took the rest of my supplements Abs+, Garlic extract, Green Tea Extract, multivitamin, vitamin D and was on my way to work. I took my ALA and Lean+ at 11:30 and For lunch at 12:00 I had 4 oz chicken breast, Lentils and Spinach and took my supplements Abs+, Garlic and Green Tea Extract.

I'm not really buying into this that two pound loss overnight has got to be some kind of wierd fluke but we'll see how it goes and if that scale keeps going down I will be a believer.

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