Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good Morning Canada

Unbelievable! 161.8 pounds this morning. That is 5.6 pounds in three days, that is pretty amazing. Today is my cheat day so I would bet that I will be putting a couple pounds back on. I don't plan on having a full, no hold's barred, anything goes cheat day today though because I only started on Wednesday and you are supposed to have at least 5 full days on the plan before having a binge day, but I want my binge days to be Saturdays and they say that it is very important to have binge days to reach the full effect of the plan, so I won't go without it.  Not to mention the fact that Greek Yogurt has been calling my name since I started. I will still start off with my protein shake and make sure I drink tons of water today and it should be all good.  I am loving this and maybe, just maybe I am falling a little bit in love with Tim Ferris lol

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